Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Holy Places (Part II)

Just about every trip to the temple is a special experience for me.  Sometimes I just feel good, and other times I learn something rather specific about my life or about spiritual principles in general.  I just wanted to share one of those experiences.  I had hoped to include it in my last post, In Holy Places, but I couldn't figure out a way to tie it in, so consider this an appendix. 

A few months ago, I attended the temple with some friends from my group (I mean, it doesn't get much better than having a bunch of homosexuals serving in the temple together)!  Anyway, now to the important part.  Much of what we do in the temple revolves around the family, the most prominent being the sealing of families together for time and eternity.  Marriage for me is still a huge question mark.  However, during this trip in particular, I still felt an immense sense of belonging as a single guy.  I was at home.  God had a place for me in His Church.

We sat in the Celestial Room for a few minutes (and we had no qualms with fitting more people on the couch than it was probably meant to seat).  I remember looking at a young married couple sitting near us enjoying a quiet moment together.  If I tried hard enough, I probably could have worked up some feelings of bitterness or jealousy, but I couldn't.  I could only see them as my brother and sister and be happy for them.  I knew that one day I would have what they have.

This is just one of many experiences at the temple, and some are too personal to share.  I know that the temple is truly the House of the Lord.  I know that there is great power in the covenants we make and the blessings we receive.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be reminded of them as I go back on behalf of others who have passed on.  It is my hope that all, no matter where they currently are in life, will make it a goal to receive a temple recommend (I highly recommend it), and attend the temple often.

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